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(VIDEO) The Expendables 3 Cast Arrive At Cannes

Bit of a slow news weekend here, as far as MANLY movie coverage goes, so why not throw up this video of The Expendables 3 cast showing up on the Cannes red carpet.  PG-13 or not, this is the first and possibly last time Mel Gibson and Wesley Snipes will appear on the same promotional run for a movie.

If nothing else, I hope this movie does right by those two.  They both deserve it and to be honest, look at them, they have plenty left in the tank to give yet.

Meantime, let’s hope Stallone/Lerner see sense with the time they have left…

The Expendables 3 – Premiere Arrivals – The 67th Cannes Film Festival from Ian Maddison on Vimeo.