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Stallone Training For Rambo V


Like we said last week, Rambo V is shooting in Louisiana, probably this year.  Our sources at Millenium tell us that desert sets from the movie “Year One” are currently being considered for use in the film.  It now also looks like Sylvester Stallone is training for the role now too.

“I’m getting ready for that.  I’m starting to work out.  I’m getting appropriately vicious and all that stuff.  But intellectual.  A killer with a heart.”

The story allegedly has Rambo crossing the U.S./Mexico border to rescue a girl kidnapped by The Cartel.  Since this is Shreveport updating this, I think it’s safe to say it’s filming there.  This will be an important film for Sylvester Stallone, now that The Expendables 3 has bombed.  Not just for his stock as a leading man but for his dignity as an actor and especially action icon as well.  See: Stallone Must End Action Career With Dignity.