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GoldenEye Director Making WW3 Sub Thriller


It’s hard to turn down a good submarine thriller (emphasis on the word good).  So you gotta think that when GoldenEye director Martin Campbell is asked to direct a thriller akin to The Hunt For Red October, only with a modern day twist where the rogue Russian sub captain actually does want to start WW3, that something good might just come out of it.

The Wrap, who had the scoop, adds :

“Hunter Killer” finds a renegade Russian military leader pushing the U.S. to the brink of a nuclear confrontation and shattering a decades-old peace agreement between the two former enemies. Cut off from all outside communication, a submarine commander and an elite Navy special forces unit are all that stand between the Russian assault and all-out war.

Hunter Killer has been touted as a movie for several years, Antoine Fuqua was even close to directing at one point.  The film, set up at Relativity and Original Studios, is being produced by Neal Moritz, Toby Jaffe and Ryan Kavanaugh.

More tea, anyone?!

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  1. JJR

    September 17, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    This sounds a good premise (it was kind of disappointing when it was revealed Connery didn’t want to start WW3 in HFRO) and especially from a Manly Man TNS (take no shit) director like Campbell

    Which Manly Men could be in this one? I’m thinking Cruise or K Russell in the good guy sub captain role (a la Baldwin, Denzel) and maybe D Craig or R Crowe or even M Gibson as the rogue Russian sub captain (a la Connery, Hackman) and maybe an A list Manly Action Man like Van Damme as the SEAL team leader (like Biehn in The Rock, Segal in Exec Decision)