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Scott Adkins Turns Down Kickboxer Remake


Bad news Scott Adkins fans, or maybe good news?

The upcoming remake of Kickboxer, the 1989 Van Damme classic (it really is!), had recently seemingly been added to Scott’s “to-do” list.  He was going to join Tony Jaa, who told ManlyMovie recently of his own involvement.  It will also feature Dave Batista in the movie which will be directed by Stephen Fung.

However it seems that Adkins has turned the role down due to being too small a part.

In a recent interview with (via M.A.A.C.), Stephen Fung has spilled some details about his upcoming Kickboxer remake. Much like the original, Fung’s movie will be called Kickboxer, be shot in English, and take place in Thailand. If you’re holding your breath for a Van Damme cameo… you may be in luck (when asked about a Van Damme cameo, Fung replied: “Maybe… nothing is confirmed just quite yet.”). | Photo of Alain Moussi, with fight choreographer Larnell Stovall, preparing for his role. Also in the photo, is his Kickboxer promo pack from the Cannes film festival.
It’s probably for the best but also a waste in my opinion.  How is Adkins not a mainstream star already?

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  1. mucho macho

    September 18, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    Scott Adkins should be the lead, not the other guy..i dont know who he is but Boyka would beat his ass. Like Van Damme said in Ex2: ” Respect must be thought” u dont give Adkins the “shitty, got my ass kicked now i dont move for the rest of the movie “role. He is the best Martial Artist actor of this generation if not at the very least 1 of the best.Give the other bum the brother role. It would be awesome watching Tony Jaa & Adkins work together though.
    ☆Adkins just got cast alongside Gary Oldman,Kevin Costner in the movie criminal☆.hopefully that would be a substancial role. So that at least is great for Adkins