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Neeson Talks Being An “Older” Action Man


Liam Neeson has forged out an action career for himself.  The former boxing champion , even at age 62, is among the most sought after leading action men in Hollywood.  In fact he is almost typecast.  Neeson says: “My agent will suggest something and I’ll be outraged and exclaim, ‘No!’ Then he’ll tell me how much I get for the role. And I’ll do it,” he laughed to German magazine “TV Movie”.

At his age, Liam isn’t necessarily an obvious action hero or as agile as he used to be. But he’s grateful to still be working and offered all these parts.

“It’s a luxury I’m still working at this age,” he smiled. “The hero in action movies is usually mid-30s. I’ll send those scripts straight back, but a week later I’ll get a new one through and the main character is suddenly in his mid-50s.”

Liam will have two manly movies in the coming year.  Run All Night starring himself, RoboCop star Joel Kinnaman, Ed Harris and Nick Nolte, then, of course, Tak3n.  So the action future of Neeson continues.  Possibly drawing more ire from Steven Seagal, who recently remarked that Liam Neeson is not a real action star, that he cannot fight.

Source: [TV Movie]

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  1. Mucho Macho

    October 27, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    As a kid in the great 80’$ decade i will watch movies staring the likes of Charles Bronson , Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin..
    Men who were not in their 20’s nor 30’s not even in their 40’s.
    They were older, rugged & shot ur ass if they had too or deserved it.Eastwood & Bronson would even shoot stupid thugs in the back when they ran from them.
    Also Harrison Ford , Chuck Norris, Sly, Arnold were ready over 40 when they were having career highlights. By the time Norris did Walker he was in his 50’s. Check out Death Wish 3 & see a great example of how an older action hero could be used. No need for wire works or CGI…They’re special effect was their “badassness”
    George C. Scott at 90 years old would have eaten & shit Rocket Racoon b4 9 am.
    point is..i hope Neeson goes on for a long time. I like Daniel Graig as Bond.. but i felt they took Brosnan out b4 his time. He still could kick ass…but people started with the age shit & out the door he went.
    New generation needs to know 1 thing- listening to Hip Hop & saying Nigga What!! Dont make u shit..chances are..dont say it around real thugs..
    Keep at it Neeson..
    & Seagal…never mind what Neeson is attention to ur diet brotha