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REVIEW: The Interview (2014)


Runtime: 112 Mins
Rated: R
What To Expect: A film that seems like it was written by some 13 year olds who totally watched something about North Korea on YouTube

I won’t bother getting into the hacking scandal behind this movie.  Who cares at this point?  Old news.  Instead let’s just talk about the movie.  Turns out it’s not what I want out of a controversial political satire.  I want insight, wit and in the case of this one in particular, a good laugh at the absurdity of China’s caged commie Pitbull proxy state.  Instead, Seth Rogen and his buddy screenwriter Dan Sterling’s idea of political satire is dick jokes and white men yelling ebonics (‘dayum son!’ is not funny dialogue).  This is Dan Sterling’s first attempt at writing a movie.  He first cut his teeth on episodes of South Park, the tone of which is where this movie repeatedly goes – turd jokes, anyone?  Odd though, I remember actually laughing at South Park.

The movie sees a loud mouthed reporter (Franco) and his producer (Rogen) find that their show is adored by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who invites them to his domain for an interview.  The CIA takes the opportunity to have them assassinate him and, of course, things go wrong.  The best review came from Sony themselves, ironically, from within their hacked emails: ‘desperately unfunny’.  Sony is in the business of making movies, therefore they know how to purchase good screenplays.  So why did they green light this  schlock?  They knew before any of us that it was going to be terrible even before the cameras rolled.  Aside from Dan Sterling being a shit story teller, Seth Rogen and James Franco are pretty damned bad actors, at least in this film.  So you gotta wonder too, how do these people get jobs?  How indeed.

Bill Murray.  That’s a name that came into my head while cringing at James Franco’s over acting, which by the way, really is insufferable.  Bill Murray, you see, is a man who could’ve made screenwriting hack Dan Sterling’s mess work.  He would’ve took the challenge and he would’ve delivered.  It would’ve called on his subtle and ironic comedic skills with a masterful ability to troll.  But Seth Rogen probably would’ve still ruined it, because aside from being untalented there are also only so many jokes I can take about Rogen’s fat anatomy, including his rectum – which you just know were included upon his insistence.And remember folks, this is supposed to be a witty political satire.

This is miles away from even Hot Shots: Part Deux, featuring Charlie Sheen (another man who could’ve made this work, maybe) vs that other dictator, Saddam Hussein.  And that was gratuitously a slapstick, yet somehow more intelligent.  And it is lightyears and entire Galaxies away from the likes of Wag The Dog.  Now there was a movie with effective and ballsy commentary and had the ability to make us laugh.  Here, literally the only thing of value are the visuals (i.e. millions) that Sony has invested to try and recreate the despot state.  Well, I suppose Randall Park plays a good Kim, for which I’ll give the score an extra point.  But this subtle play on the fat one is ruined by a yelling and irritating Rogen, Franco and their horrible fart jokes.

It’s Christmas and trust me, you’ll regret wasting two hours on this horse shit.  If I was Kim, I’d be pissed too.



  1. dudehallenbeck

    December 25, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    The only thing I care about is if Stallone is actually in it?

    • The Night Rider

      December 26, 2014 at 12:03 am

      I forgot about that. I didn’t see Stallone in this movie.

      • dudehallenbeck

        December 26, 2014 at 12:20 am

        The amount of fucks I give about this movie just decreased exponentially.

        • Boatman_90

          December 26, 2014 at 12:34 am

          I just read on imdb that it’s sitting on 9/10 after 54,000 votes…. what the fuck?

          • The Night Rider

            December 26, 2014 at 1:02 am

            Yeah, IMDb once again showing miraculous ratings for certain movies right at the touch-off, the very point when it draws most money. Nothing wrong there, nothing wrong at all. You too, “Rotten” Tomatoes.

          • Frank

            December 27, 2014 at 1:02 am

            It was a 4chan campaign

      • Boatman_90

        December 26, 2014 at 12:22 am

        Damn that’s all I cared about too. I knew this movie would be horseshit filled with dick jokes, shit jokes, a whole lot of yelling and any other school yard joke they can imitate. Hell they might as well be drawing penises on the desk, they have no form of originality. It’s expected from rogen but you would hope for better from Franco

  2. Mucho Macho

    December 26, 2014 at 6:19 am

    * After a lil while u just expect the best thing about the movie to be the controversy. Looks like that is the case
    * Listen..I give credit to Rogen for 1 thing..he mostly makes R rated movies in a pg world. *However he is part of the Apattow mafia.Those guys are connected & are always kinda making the same movie with the same jokes.I really liked Superbad..but he’s formula has become this:
    -Dick Joke
    -Up the Ass joke
    -Smoke some weed
    -stupid laugh
    -Dick Joke
    -Up the Ass Joke
    -Smoke some Weed
    -Stupid Laugh
    – REPEAT
    -Dick Joke
    -Up the Ass joke
    -Smoke some Weed
    -Stupid Laugh
    ☆in the end.. i will watch it …but ill wait till Netflix or something.
    ¤The problem with stoner comedies & the “high as a kite ” people who write them, is that u have to be as “high” as they are to even laugh at 1 joke.

  3. CyrusTheVirus85

    December 26, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    I would not trust anyone involved with the making of this picture as far as I could throw them. Franco alone is a creepy man, isn’t he the guy who courts 17 year old girls on webcam?