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Another Badass Shot From Blood Father (2015)


Here is a new shot of Mel Gibson in his upcoming action/thriller ‘Blood Father’.

Mel plays an ex-con who reunites with his estranged, wayward 16-year old daughter, and vows to protect her from the drug dealers who are trying to kill her.  That’s a tried and test formula for manly movies… but adding in the GOAT?  Sign us on.  Even better though, the movie will be directed by ‘Mesrine‘ andAssault on Precinct 13 helmer Jean-François Richet.  The two Mesrines in particular were good manly movies, don’t deprive yourself of those just because they’re not in English.

This film was also written by Peter Craig, who penned heist thriller ‘The Town‘.  All signs so far then point to something special.  This image makes me think Mel could still pull off the movie ‘Under and Alone’ he was once rumoured for, where he was set to star as an undercover Fed in a biker gang.  Amirite?!

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