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RoboCop Series In The Works

ROBOCOPMACHINIMAIf you haven’t yet gotten over the trauma of the RoboCop reboot, you might want to brace yourself for more bad news.  They aren’t done shitting on the franchise.  Step up Machinima, a network on YouTube that lets 13 year olds upload entire videogame playthroughs and get paid for it.

They’ve taken their hefty profits and purchased the rights to RoboCop, for use in a series.

Announced at the Machinima NewFront event in the Big Apple, the latest incanration of the science-fiction classic, a collaboration with MGM, will be a limited-run web series shot in a first-person view. The audience will watch the action unfold infront of them as they join standard-issue RoboCop officers on their dispatch calls.

So the ‘FPS’ angle probably means that this is their way around not bothering with a suit.  I also don’t like the sound of multiple RoboCops.  That worked real well in the Prime Directives series, the last time this was put into episode format, didn’t it?

So is RoboCop going the route of the webisode, in the style of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat?  Say it ain’t so…