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A John Wick Virtual Reality Game?!

John-Wick-Film-2014John Wick was one of the manliest movies of recent years, hell it may even have been the manliest movie of the past five years.  That film has outright balls of steel.  A man goes on a gun-toting rampage after someone steals his car and kills his pup.

Perhaps it could get even better though.  Starbreeze Studios is reportedly hard at work on a virtual reality-based, standalone, first-person shooter game based on the film.

VG247 reports that the plan is for a ‘fully immersive VR experience’ and while the game won’t be in circulation until spring next year, a promotional version of the game will be available before that on the HTC Vive World Tour.

Maybe this will work with Sony’s Project Morpheus?  I’m getting flashbacks to the awesome days when manly movies blew us away on the Commodore 64, such as Total Recall and Cobra.