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New ‘Blade’ Will Be A Female

blade4Ever since Wesley Snipes was released from the gulag that they’d held him in, possibly close to the gulag that John McTiernan was in, we’ve all been hoping for a dark and moody return to form with a new Blade movie.  Snipes has even said that he’s all too ready to do it.  Well it looks like we’re not going to see that, because if Marvel have their way, the next Blade movie will remove Snipes and replace him with a female hero.

Bleeding Cool (via CBM) reports that according to a source of theirs, Marvel has taken notice of the popularity of the character and are considering another big-screen outing.

There would be a twist though – the character wouldn’t be based around the classic Blade which Wesley Snipes portrayed in the previous films. Instead, the story would focus on Fallon Grey, his daughter from the comics.  Welp, I guess that’s that, then…