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Get Ready For Rampage: President Down

rampage3Soon we will get treated to a new Uwe Boll movie, the master of modern day vigilante B-movies.  The third in the Rampage series, which is now titled Rampage: President Down.  While a working title for now, it has replaced Rampage 3: No Mercy.  Producer Gary Otto had this to say on Twitter;

The movie will see Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher) suit up to take down plutocratic scum.  If you haven’t checked out the previous two movies, then check them out, because they are ManlyMovie certified, if you’re a lurker, our regulars in the comments will tell you the same thing.  Fuck the haters and the dipshit website administrators who hate Boll for political reasons, I watched as they gloated when they wrongfully thought that Rampage 3 was DOA.

By the way, and I meant to write something more on this, this could be Uwe Boll’s last movie.  He’ll quit if it doesn’t turn a profit. And that would mean no sequel to Assault on Wall St.  Some sheeple were too dumb to see how good that movie was, so it will be a shame if Rampage 3 is his final movie and we don’t get that (and other movies).  So when Rampage 3 comes, do the right thing and buy it, rent it or go and see it.  I’m not trying to shill the man/movie or something… all of you know the type of movie we like and need to support.

We’re rooting for something bigger here.  And to anyone who complains about me liking Uwe Boll movies – go fuck yourself.