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Stallone Talks Taking Real Punches On Camera

rocky3icecreamEvery time Sylvester Stallone gives an interview, it’s sure to be a good one.  My favourite was an old Q&A he did with AICN (the link is no longer available it seems) where he spoke of an incident where some moron rear ended him at the lights, a show down then ensued with Stallone chasing the pissant into a restaurant and ‘beating him to a pulp’.  Anyway a new interview with the man is up at Deadline.

One of the more interesting parts is his mentioning that Rocky tradition has it that the actors must take a good shot to the head, for the camera.

I told him, there has to be a Dead Man Walking scene. He says, “Excuse me?” I said, it’s obligatory in every Rocky film. You have to take a punch in at least one slow motion shot, so the audience knows that you’re getting tagged, and that the punch hasn’t missed you by three feet. Mike goes, “I’ll do that, man.” I said, “But, it’s going to hurt.” He asked, “Did you do it?” I said, “Of course I did.” He goes, “Well, then I want to do it.” I go over to Tony Bellew, who’s a professional, 210 pounds and six-foot three, and I said, “Tony, put your best foot forward on this one because he wants to be initiated.” So Tony stands up, and it’s one, two, three, action, and then…bang. And I actually saw the stars. I felt so bad for Michael, and he went face forward on that canvas, and it was just perfect. I said, “Ryan, did you get that?” He goes, “Oh, can we do it again? The camera was wrong.” And Mike, God bless him, he’s semi-dazed, you can hear the birds chirping in his head. His bell had been rung. But to his credit, he gets up again, and he takes another shot by a professional fighter, so people can see the actual impact, and they’re startled by the force of this punch. It’s incredible. All I did was convince them that if you’re going to be in a boxing film, that this is an obligatory rite of passage. Michael B. Jordan had to take one for the team. And he did it well. He took like three of them in Creed.

The full interview can be read here, where Stallone talks other stuff such as which movies he would have liked to have appeared in.


  1. Austrian Oak

    January 3, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    Stallone’s best comment on the AICN talkback was about the party he threw in the 90s where he had to break up a fight between Van Damme and Steven Seagal. It’s a shame the talkback isn’t online anymore. I remember him writing that “Van Damme went berserk” and Seagal “didn’t want any of it so he made some excuse and left”. Must have been one hell of a party.

  2. Mucho Macho

    January 3, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    Those Stallone AICN talkbacks were fucking great!!
    Good memories.
    He even talked about banging chicks, how much he regretted marrying Brigitte Nielsen & other cool shit

  3. Haraldo

    January 7, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    The AICN interview you’re talking about was from December 2006 where – for 20 days in a row (1 day = 1 “round”) – Sly was promoting Rocky 6 and answering AICN readers’ questions –

    Round 01:
    Round 02:
    Round 03:
    Round 04:
    Round 05:
    Round 06:
    Round 07:
    Round 08:
    Round 09&10:
    Round 11:
    Round 12:
    Round 13:
    Round 14:
    Round 15:
    Round 16:
    Round 17:
    Round 18:
    Round 19:
    Round 20:

    His Van Damme vs. Seagal story was from Round 19. You’ll have to dig in to find the rest of those stories. Hope this helps.

    As for the article – [rant]Sly’s a bit of an idiot here. You wanna put a guy through pain & torture – that’s fine, but risking becoming braindead for the rest of your life is a different thing. Head trauma is serious shit and there’s only limited amount of times you can afford to take a hit. Why waste it on something this silly? Also, “rite of passage”? – what are you making a movie or starting a cult? MBJ would be better off taking a few canes in Singapore than a punch to the face – cause one of them will at least heal. [/rant]