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Sensei Seagal Has A ‘Contract To Kill’


You know we have word of all of these upcoming Sensei Seagal movies, yet we wonder… where the fuck are they?! Students of the master are growing tired!  In the meantime, here is yet another addition to his resume.  Coming from the Steven Seagal forum is the following;


I had a chat with Keoni Waxman and he confirmed this:

I’m about to start our next Seagal film in about a week. It’s set in Mexico and Istanbul and at the moment it’s called ‘Contract to Kill’. Getting excited about it – Steven’s co-star is Russell Wong and we are working with Ron Balicki again so look for some cool knife fights. We’ve also made a few changes in our approach to the films so I think it’ll look very different than EOAG (as well as ‘Killing Salazar’). All a good thing.

Knife fights?  This can only remind us of one thing, and one of the greatest lines in movie history; “motherfucker you ruined my coat!”;