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Shane Black On Marvel Vs. Nice Guys Sequel


I have yet to see it, but I already know that ‘The Nice Guys’ is a good movie, because this review says so.  Although the movie has opened somewhat weakly, it might make us wonder about the chances of a sequel.  Shane Black has been talking about this to CinemaBlend and he says;

I think it’s a little premature to consider a sequel. I don’t believe in jinxes necessarily, but we really need people to see this one before we can even talk about that. We’re up against some stiff superhero competition and we just need people to, you know, maybe see Captain America six times, but not the seventh and see us instead.

Good point.  But aside from that, the movie could still have legs.  Good word of mouth is spreading and don’t forget that the international release has not bloomed yet.  It should also perform well on home media.  I’m just glad The Predator seems to be a done deal though…

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    May 27, 2016 at 1:02 am

    I’m going this weekend!