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Jim Cameron Shits On Alien3


Alien3 was a much maligned movie for a long time, but some would strongly argue that its reputation has strengthened in recent times.  It has a cult following and isn’t such a bad movie.  Back in the day though Jim Cameron castigated the movie.  And with two new Alien movies in the pipeline, one of which is a de-facto Alien3 remake, he has more words about the movie;

“I thought it was dumb [that Hicks and Newt were killed off]. I thought it was a huge slap in the face to the fans. I mean look, [David] Fincher’s a friend of mine, and David is an amazing, amazing filmmaker, unquestionably. That was kind of his first big gig, and he was getting vectored around by the studio, and he dropped into the production late and they had a horrible script and they were rewriting it on the fly, and it was just a mess. I think it was a big mistake. So I certainly – had [producer Gale Anne Hurd and I] been involved, we would not have done that because we felt we earned something with the audience with those characters.”

It’s odd that Cameron can attack Alien3, but defend Terminator 3.  Especially since the latter is by far much worse than the former.  Well we all know the answer to why he would do that, anyone remember when he encouraged Arnold Schwarzenegger to go and make a ton of money from Terminator 3?

And who did you think was going to pay for that, Jim?