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McTiernan Talks Movie Tricks, New Sci-Fi?

Above is a new video of master director John McTiernan talking movie philosophy and the tricks of the trade and such.  He seems to spend a lot of time in France.

Elsewhere there is talk of McTiernan writing a new science fiction movie.  From the McTiernanDatabase:

The information comes from the website West France , John McTiernan seems he wrote a script mixing action and science fiction called Tau Ceti 4.4 name of a star located 12 light years from Earth. The action of the film seems to happen in Europe in the sixties, but it is an illusion …

Sounds a bit enigmatic.  Still not much news on McTiernan’s ‘Warbirds’ in recent weeks, the last word was that it was due to film in Russia in the summer, whether that’s still the case or not is unknown.