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Resident Evil 2 Live Action Trailer (2019)

A remake of classic zombie game Resident Evil 2 is released on the 29th of this month.  And just as the original game had a live action trailer, Capcom has gone to town with another one for the remake.  See above.

The original is widely considered to be one of the single greatest video games ever made.  The remake is already tracking well with good reviews.  There is currently a demo that drops rookie cop Leon into an abandoned police station that is over ran with zombies.

The only live action trailer directed by George Romero initially pushed Romero into the spot of directing a real movie for the first game, before that idea was torn up and years of shitty adaptions by Paul W.S. Anderson had to be endured.

The above trailer is already more realistic that those movies, and the new game is a shoe-in to be a monster success.  Does this mean the rebooted movie will be influenced by this direction too?  It better be!

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