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Expendables 3 Director Patrick Hughes Discusses Gibson, Snipes, Arnold

The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes recently gave his opinion on each member of the Expendables cast, from Mel Gibson down to Kelsey Grammar, when he spoke with Empire Magazine for their latest issue.  Here is what he had to say, at least about the actors people will give a damn about.

Wesley Snipes
You might expect the artist formerly known as Blade
who was scheduled to appear in the fi rst fi lm, to be
a bad guy, but no. “He’s part of the Expendables,”
says Hughes. “His Expendable name is Doctor
Death — he’s a knife man, and there’s some tension
between him and Lee Christmas. It’s a knife-off!”

Sylvester Stallone
When Stonebanks shows up, it gives the
Expendables’ main man a headache. “There’s some
confl ict between him and Christmas,” says Hughes.
He’s also pondering retirement. “It’s a thin red line
— if he stays, does he get his head blown off?”

Jason Statham
The Stath “is up to kicking people’s arses,” laughs
Hughes of Sly’s second-in-command. “He’s going
through a bad point with his best friend, and he’s
challenged because of the presence of Wesley
Snipes, so get ready for some barmy action.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Austrian Oak, now with beard, bags his biggest
Expendables role to date as Barney Ross’ old
sparring partner. “This time, they potentially think
that sometimes it’s better to work together instead
of fighting against one another. Maybe.”

Antonio Banderas
The former Desperado plays a mercenary. “He’s
formerly had his own mercenary outfit, a Spanish
team. He’s a little bit of friend and foe — we needed
a character to bring the heart and soul and comedic
relief. He’s so smooth, even my knees went weak!”

Jet Li
The Chinese megastar exited Expendables 2 stage
left pretty damn sharpish, but returns for another
slice of martial law. “He makes an appearance
again,” promises Hughes. “And it’s an explosive
appearance too.”

Harrison Ford
“He’s got a pretty substantial role,” says Hughes.
“Drummer is from that dark American CIA world,
and there’s a little bit of history between him and
Church (Bruce Willis, who won’t be in the movie). And
when push comes to shove, he ain’t just a suit.”

Dolph Lundgren
The super-smart, super-strong Swede returns; not
bad for someone who was meant to die in the first
movie. “Some of the young guns have tech smarts
and he’s trying to keep up, which is amusing,
because it’s Dolph Lundgren!”

Mel Gibson
“Sly’s good at names,” laughs Hughes of Gibbo’s
baddie. “Mel’s a wonderful villain because I like him.
He was there at the beginning of The Expendables,
and along the way he and Barney had a falling out.
That comes back to haunt Barney.”


  1. Alonso

    June 30, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    He’s a fucking hack with no talent. Like a fucking girly fag, he agreed to direct a PG13 expendables movie..His career is ruined, what a fucking loser…


  2. Anonymous

    June 30, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Fuck this PG-13 fag. I could give a fuck what this dumb pile of shit has to say about anything. It’s bad enough that the motherfucker did a PG-13 Expendables, but now he’s on board for a PG-13 remake of The Raid too. He’s a fucking asshole too goddamn lazy to come up with his own ideas and as Sly said: “Greedy and lazy, sure formula for career failure.” He’ll be gone from Hollywood soon enough so I hope he enjoys his fucking ass-kissing interviews as long as they last. Stupid cocksucker.

  3. FastandCurious7

    June 30, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    After the failure of the pg-13 EX3 at the box office, he’s gonna be like MCG after Terminaturd 4, without job and no respect from anybody.

    The Raid remake will hopefully be R rated otherwise what’s the point?

    Anyway nobody asked for a stupid remake, The Raid 2 was great, though not as good as the first one.

    • Anonymous

      June 30, 2014 at 4:11 pm

      “Three Days to Kill” more like “McG Killing Costner’s Career Even More.” A rewrite and a different director and it could have actually been a good movie. But it’s not.

      Point of PG-13 remake of “The Raid” is that Hollywood is all about the $$$. Most people don’t know what The Raid is unless they’re hardcore action fans. Foreign films never do very well in the US. So basically they can take the basic premise of the movie and do whatever the hell they want with it. Probably put that Fag justin bieber in it along with his boyfriend whatever the fuck Will Smith’s kid’s name is. And Hughes is all for it, all for ripping off and destroying someone else’s hard work so long as he gets a paycheck. Fuck him and his movies. Sad part is that Red Hill was actually good, but he has no fucking self respect and that’s going to be his downfall.

  4. Anonymous

    July 1, 2014 at 4:05 am

    Conrad Stonebanks..
    My hero