“We got police brutality reports coming in all over the place”.

The Rookie (1990) is possibly the manliest movie of the 1990s.  In the end, some villains are taken out.  No-one can deny that Charlie Sheen and Clint Eastwood get results.  However, the methods are ‘questionable’.  A judge might recoil when the paperwork comes through:

Criminal Damage: Eastwood shoots up a civilian car to make a point
Murder: Eastwood executes an unarmed suspect being used as a human shield in attempt to shoot primary suspect
Trespassing and Assault: Eastwood enters a premises without a warrant.  When a civilian protests Eastwood’s illegal presence, Eastwood strangles him, threatens additional violence
Blackmail, Tresspassing and Criminal Damage: Eastwood enters a property without a warrant, destroys a suspect’s car with suspect inside, threatens violence unless suspect agrees to Eastwood’s illicit demands.
Illegal Wiretapping: Sheen advises Eastwood that the shady wiretapping they’re engaging might be illegal. Eastwood suggests Sheen think about hot women
Attempted Murder: Sheen tries to burn civilian alive after verbal dispute between the two
Violent Assault: Unprovoked, Sheen attacks a civilian drinking at a bar
Violent Assault: Unprovoked, Sheen attacks separate civilian
Violent Assault: Violent assault by Sheen on civilian, brutal kick
Arson, Attempted Murder: Sheen burns a man’s business/bar to the ground, threatens patrons with murder, goes on shooting rampage
Violent Assault on Detained Suspect: Eastwood and Sheen beat detained suspect with weapons, threaten with murder
Murder: Eastwood executes a detained suspect, after suspect is disarmed and requests medical assistance
Corruption: After executing a suspect, Eastwood is promoted within the force, as opposed to arrested

Pity they didn’t make a sequel…