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Michael Jai White Starring In Falcon Rising & Fast 7

Any doubts on whether or not Michael Jai White is actually in Fast & Furious 7 or not were seemingly cleared up by the star’s Twitter account when he recently included the movie on a list of release dates when a fan asked him when Falcon Rising would release.  The rumour originally appeared on that most dubious of sources: the IMDb cast list.

@Berkecanqp: @MichaelJaiWhite When the new movies coming out” FALCON RISING 9/5/14 and SKIN TRADE sometime after FAST7
— Michael Jai White (@MichaelJaiWhite) May 8, 2014

Speaking of Falcon Rising, as mentioned by MJW that movie is released this September on DVD/Blu Ray.  White plays an ex-marine in Brazil’s slums, battling the yakuza outfit who attacked his sister and left her for dead.  The movie was directed by Ernie Barbarash, who, as far as DTV directors go (6 Bullets) isn’t all that bad…

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  1. Anonymous

    June 7, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    Any idea about the trailer for Falcon Rising? I know it’s DTV but it could be a surprise like Blood and Bone.