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Details On Sabotage Deleted Scenes And Alternate Endings

I’ve had a few requests on putting up some more detailed information on the deleted and alternate material from Sabotage.  There’s quite a bit in there, probably around 27 minutes worth.  This is mainly down to a different ending being shot for the theatrical version, which is inferior and hurts the movie – not really an opinion either as the bulk of the movie drives towards something that was never originally intended.  At any rate, be aware of SPOILERS.

  • Caroline Questions Joe John (2:18): Caroline and Jackson arrive at the trailer of the parents of missing girl.  Her father argues that they are not doing enough.
  • Search For Dakota (0:38): Police search in a field for missing girl, a local finds a skull but it turns out to be a dog’s skull.
  • Joe John Threatens Caroline: (0:36) The father of the missing girl has a small argument with Caroline
  • Condom Flush (0:56): Caroline, in bed with Breacher, enters bathroom and flushes condom
  • Lizzy And Sugar Kidnap Civilian (01:52): A scene with Lizzy and Sugar getting high in a bedroom, then kidnapping a civilian on the highway at gunpoint
  • Caroline Searches For Bodies (0:36): Caroline finds three bodies wrapped in chicken wire at the bottom of a lake
  • Dakota Case Solved (2:38): Caroline solves the Dakota case, finds body of little girl in woods
  • Caroline And Jackson Find The Money (7:04): This scene leads into the main alternate ending and is basically an extension of it.  Caroline and Breacher apprehend Lizzy, who confesses.  Breacher shoots Lizzy before she can reveal more and Caroline becomes aware that Breacher is behind the killings. Breacher slips away undetected.  Caroline and Jackson then head to the lake to retrieve the money. Breacher shows up, stabs Jackson and begins fighting Caroline in the water.

Breacher Unloads Through The Roof
Breacher Finishes Them Off

Alternate Ending 1 (08:59)
Breacher and Caroline continue to brawl in the water, Breacher attempts to drown Caroline.  Caroline escapes.  Breacher attempts to leave with the money and is confronted with two squad cars.  He kills one cop in the first car, then dashes onto the roof of the second car.  One cop shoots through the roof, hitting Breacher in the foot.  Breacher unloads his shotgun through the roof of the car, killing both cops and exploding blood all over the windscreen.  Breacher hobbles to his car, enters and prepares to flee.  Caroline appears and holds him at gunpoint.  Breacher tries to draw on her and she shoots him, violently, 15 times.

Alternate Ending 2 (02:04)
The previous two removed segments lead to this.  We are back in the car with Breacher attempting to flee. Caroline holds a gun on him.  Breacher talks to her, getting inside her head, then draws on her and shoots her, killing her.  Breacher leaves with the money.