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Rambo V Shoots In Louisiana This Year


Millenium Studios have given an update on Rambo V, hinting that not only will it go ahead but will shoot this year.  Via their Official Shreveport Facebook page, they excitedly updated their cover to a picture from Rambo III.

In response to a fan question, they said that the movie is set to film this year.  This Facebook page is also from the Shreveport division of Millenium, in Louisiana, where they have soundstages there.  I suspected a bogus fan page at first, since the page only has around 2,000 likes.  But doing some digging, it seems to be the real deal.  While anyone can create a fake page and link to a site, they can’t have the official site link back to it, which is exactly what does.

The story allegedly has Rambo crossing the U.S./Mexico border to rescue a girl kidnapped by The Cartel.  Since this is Shreveport updating this, I think it’s safe to say it’s filming there.