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Tatum Drops “23 Jump Street” Hint?

23jumpstreetThe end credits to “22 Jump Street” appeared to be a parody of the many joke options for the future of the series — which is set on the 75-year plan at this point — but maybe there was something more to it.

One part of the clip at the end credits was pegged as the faux concept for “24 Jump Street: Foreign Exchange” and if a new Tweet by Channing Tatum is anything to go by then that could actually turn out to be the legit premise for the inevitable third movie.

Consider the cryptic caption: “Let’s just not even go into what this about?”

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  1. The Night Rider

    August 20, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    I caught the last film and it was jam packed to the rafters with 11 year old girls screaming at Tatum’s every blink, word or hand movement. So a PG-13 rating might be a worry for the third movie.