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Jackman Wants To Play Bond

hugh-jackmanIt’s all but confirmed that Daniel Craig is hanging up his tuxedo after this year’s Bond outing.  The question is, who is going to replace him?  Apparently the two favourites are Idris Elba or Henry Cavill, but another entrant now appears to be Hugh Jackman.

The actor recently appeared on The Project, an Australian news program, and the anchors asked whether he would be up for taking on the role of James Bond. ‘I’d seriously consider it,’ he responded.  Which pretty much sounds like a closet fanboy response or, ‘I’d do that shit for free!’.  But is he the right choice to play Bond?

The guy looks kinda old to me, to play Bond, especially if he’d be expected to play the role over 5+ years.  Also, Jackman does not come across as Bond material to me at any age.  They need a young unknown with a harder disposition if you ask me.  Jackman as Bond – ManlyMovie thumbs down!