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REVIEW: Sicario (2015) Blu-Ray

This movie was hyped throughout the year through all quarters, I noted that third wave feminists also kept yapping about Emily Blunt having the lead role.  That slightly worried me of a good premise being ruined by another episode of manifest propaganda… which if it was good, like I often do, I would’ve tolerated!  Turns out that Sicario is both a good movie and isn’t built entirely around some female super cop like certain people were hoping (ergo we get a story focused feature instead of an agenda focused one).  And it’s also brought to us from the director of the supremely manly Prisoners.

We ride shotgun with Uncle Sam, as an ad-hoc task force is created to deal with an escalation in a war with the Cartel that was hitherto of low intensity, they upped their game to booby trap North American safe houses, see.  Bad idea. In order to retaliate, Josh Brolin (an actor I really like) will lead his crew across the border to capture Guillermo, the brother head of the snake, kingpin Manuel Diaz.  Among his crew is the insoluble Benicio del Toro and booby trap surviving FBI chick Emily Blunt.  Each brings their own set of tools to the mission, or so we think.

I enjoyed this movie the second time around more than the initial viewing I had of it, slightly more.  Denis Villeneuve sure knows how to create tension on screen, be it through visceral action sequences or simmering tension between characters not on the same page brought to life by actors on their A-games.  Some from the left may have critisized the ‘weak’ female lead, some of the right may have been annoyed by a perceived slant on the treatment of migrants, but the truth is that both are wrong and Denis Villeneuve simply calls it down the middle.  Sicario is real life.  And while the film may lose narrative traction somewhat in the second act, the finale sends us home happy.  Brutal and unflinching.

sicarioblurayextrasThe Blu Ray release is of course something you’re going to want to pick up.  The high-definition 2.40:1 MPEG-4 AVC transfer is often stunning, not least by Denis Villeneuve’s beautiful cinematography.  Dolby TrueHD 7.1 is here, for those who have it, but I suspect they are in a minority.  Key scenes in Sicario are also quite dark so it is here that the hefty 1080p transfer really helps out, clarity is good, hidden depths in the dead of night can be appreciated.  There are around 40 minutes of extra; Stepping into Darkness – The Visual Design of Sicario, Blunt, Brolin & Benecio – Portraying the Characters of Sicario, Battle Zone – The Origins of Sicario and A Pulse from the Desert – The Score of Sicario.  These are standard fare featurettes, not massively interesting but welcome additions.

I look forward to seeing more from Denis Villeneuve and even the currently rumoured Benicio del Toro-led sequel doesn’t sound too bad to me.  Sicario on Blu-Ray is a winner.




  1. Mucho Macho

    December 27, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    Josh Brolin was really good here & Benicio del Toro was just fuckin badass especially in the third act.
    Good story, well written, well acted & very well directed.
    I guess some feminazis are also mad because of what the del Toro character told the Emily Blunt character. By the way …he was right.

  2. CyrusTheVirus85

    December 27, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    The dinner scene is a classic. Oh boo hoo feminazis lol they were 1st in line to see it too

  3. jim

    December 27, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    I postponed seeing this one .It is my policy to avoid feminazi propaganda…but I am happy to be proved wrong. I choose to see this film as a rearguard action against the undermining of traditional male virtues….Emily Blunt and her black lawyer sidekick are plainly portrayed as naive,chippy,out of their depth. This is a welcome development….and so unusual these days that the film takes you by surprise. A refreshing change.Is it too much to hope that this might be the start of a backlash.? Scene for scene it is very well done .Brolin and especially Del Toro are great. I loved it.

    • The Night Rider

      December 27, 2015 at 5:34 pm

      Yeah I don’t think it’s part of a backlash, from an industry so thoroughly controlled. Call it an anomaly.

      • jim

        December 27, 2015 at 6:11 pm

        I don’t know.There might be a kind of underground resistance movement. Knock Knock could be seen as an account of duplicitous venomous little bitches happy to threaten the male with false accusations of rape…..and I will have to dissent from your review of season 2 of Fargo. I thought Kirsten Dunst was portrayed as a dingbat,her female empowerment course was mocked , her shit stirring friend turns out to be a lesbian coming between a husband and wife . Meanwhile, Dunst’s decent husband tried to clean up the mess she made. He is shown as honourable. The two cops played by Danson and Wilson plainly represent traditional male virtue and Wilson’s last scene with Dunst puts her firmly in her place…I was pleasantly surprised. Season 1 it seems to me ,was very much guilty of portraying men as weak and ineffectual (when they’re not being psychotic) with the women as problem solvers. I thought season 2 worked as a corrective to this…Maybe the writer is saying the earlier generation were a better breed since season 2 is set in 1979? I wouldn’t argue with that.

  4. Saverio

    December 27, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    I’ve already pre ordered the blu ray & I had no idea of a rumored Del Toro-led sequel. That gets me excited!

  5. Serbius

    December 28, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    Good movie, whatched it the other day. Really well filmed, Del Toro and Brolin gave good performances, especially Benicio. what a badass character