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Here’s The New Magnum P.I.

It looks like Jay Hernandez has been cast as the new Thomas Magnum in the Magnum P.I. series.  This comes after a failed attempt to reboot the series with Eva Longoria as the new Magnum (fucking yikes…).

Peter Lenkov, Davis Entertainment, CBS TV Studios and Universal TV Studios will produce. Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim wrote the pilot teleplay with Justin Lin set to direct and all three will executive produce alongside Danielle Woodrow, John Davis and John Fox.  Whether it’ll go beyond a pilot yet is anyone’s guess.  Doesn’t always happen.

Does anyone remember the pilot for Beverly Hills Cop?  Oh, it exists alright, just under lock and key.  From about four years ago, featuring Eddie Murphy himself.  It was shopped around various networks who all rejected it outright.  Only a few behind the scenes images have ever surfaced.  And the screenplay, the review of which will be posted later again.