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Terminator 6 To Get 18 Yr Old Female Lead

The ‘baton’ is being passed from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 2 lead to what appears to essentially be a new female lead.  If the following article from Bloody Disgusting is anything to go by.

“Absolutely, yeah. A lot of this is handing off the baton to a new generation of characters,”said Cameron last September. “We’re starting a search for an 18-something young woman to essentially be the new centerpiece of these stories. And then a number of other characters around her and characters from the future. We still fold time in the story in intriguing ways. But we have Arnold’s character and Linda’s character to anchor it. Somewhere across there, and I won’t say where, the baton gets passed, so to speak.”

Omega Underground and TerminatorFans may have an idea of who one of the aforementioned characters could be.

The casting is for the key role of DANI RAMOS,”A young woman in her early 20s from Mexico City and has grown up in a working-class neighborhood. More street-smart than book smart, the character is said to serve as the main human lead character who could carry the franchise from here on out.” She sounds like the perfect companion to Hamilton’s Sarah Connor.

Looks like the tradition of having John Connor be a useless bitch in the background is going to continue, until the end.

Anyway, let’s get in before someone says it:  Sarah Connor was 19 in the original movie.  But I trust that was written in good faith.


  1. Mulla Krekar

    February 22, 2018 at 12:29 am

    Here comes the diversity boom. R.I.P Terminator. It’s been dead since T2 really. I hate to say it because I love the guy but Arnold is a joke these days.

  2. Mucho Macho

    February 22, 2018 at 1:57 am

  3. alzena ali

    February 22, 2018 at 2:42 am

    This franchise is terminated at the end of T2 special edition, all the rest is pure garbage.

  4. TheOldMcClane

    February 22, 2018 at 3:16 am

    Ugh. They keep lowering the standards of these things.

  5. The Sentry

    February 22, 2018 at 6:49 am

    T2 should be the end of the franchise. There’s really no need to continue it any further. Especially if it’s not going to focus on John Connor and the war.

  6. Mr Kowalski

    February 22, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Whatever, I’ll just go back to ignoring anything after T2.

  7. Jake

    February 23, 2018 at 1:43 am

    The good news is that it’s being produced by James Cameron.

    The bad news is that it’s James Cameron circa 2018- the one who shilled for Terminator Genisys and wants everyone to believe he invented feminism.