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Judgement Night Blu-Ray Art

From the Warner Archive Collection, this January comes a new Blu-Ray release for 1993 manly movie Judgement Night.  Check out the art work below.

Synopsis: On their way to a boxing match, 4 friends get off the expressway in the worst part of town to avoid a traffic jam. But they cross paths with a psychotic drug lord, Fallon, who kills one of his subordinates right before their eyes–and wants no witnesses. Soon an innocent evening’s fun has turned into a deadly, nail-biting game of cat and mouse through Chicago’s asphalt jungle, as each layer of civilization is stripped away and they must rely on their animal instincts, and each other, to survive…Judgment Night.

No exact release date yet, but this film has one of the best trolling one-liners of the 1990’s: ‘Special offer on aisle 4, dead meat!’, when Leary refers to the heroes trapped in the grocery store.