Mark Wahlberg has been trying to mount a biopic on boxer-turned-priest Father Stuart Long for at least six years. Now, however, thanks to help from above – or at the very least, Malibu – it looks like the feature project may be finally going before cameras.

Wahlberg has enlisted Mel Gibson and writer-director Rosalind Ross, Gibson’s longtime partner, for the biopic

The movie will be called Father Stu, the true story of a boxer who had been hit by a car, then experienced an out of body event in hospital.  The man then goes on to become a Priest.  THR says that Wahlberg and The Goat are real life friends and that Wahlberg has been trying for years to get the movie off the ground.

Christian movie?  I can see why even Wahlberg is having doors closed in his face.  Wahlberg, like The Goat, is a known practicing Catholic, engaging in streaming events, masses and the like on Facebook.