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Trailer: The Walking Dead Season 5


File this one under our Zombies category because AMC has now debuted the new trailer for Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” which of course everyone has been waiting on.

On top of that, AMC announced today that Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” will premiere on Sunday, October 12 at 9pm ET/PT.  Sticking with the usual formula, the series’ fifth season of 16 episodes will air in two-parts with the first eight hours kicking off October 12 and the final eight episodes returning February 2015.  Along with Sons of Anarchy, Fargo, True Detective and others, 2014 sure has been a heavyweight year for TV.  Especially manly TV!

So here is the trailer, let’s hope they keep the washy drama under check.

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  1. TheOldMcClane

    July 26, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    Looks pretty good.