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Terminator 2 3D Will Be Properly Crafted


Put Predator 3D in your Blu-Ray player, don the 3D glasses and you’d be forgiven for being put off 3D conversions of old movies for good.  It’s kind of the third bad release of the movie, following the old MPEG Blu-Ray and the waxwork Blu-Ray (DNR massacre).  Anyway, point is, 3D post conversion has a bad rap, at least to me still.  So since Terminator 2: Judgement Day is getting treatment and we haven’t heard too much about it, you could be forgiven for worrying.

You can rest easy though as our friends over at TheTerminatorFans have been speaking exclusively to Stereo D (those behind the re-build) and came up with the following;

A source close to the production of Terminator 2 3D reassured us of the following…

Stereo D is doing the post-conversion and putting a lot of work into making it a great experience.

There is more on that at the full article.  In other words, since Jim Cameron is also keeping an eye on this, we can actually look forward to it instead of wondering if we’ll get some rotten egg. Since we’re talking about that, I own Titanic on 3D Blu-Ray.  Of course, this is not a manly movie, but I heard good things about its conversion (and I oddly find the movie somewhat easy to watch every few years) and sure enough, it is a stunning achievement.  Real depth, organic, definitely immersive.

Now another thought… what could Aliens be like with Cameron-approved 3D work?