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Incoming Action

October:  Universal Soldiers

The next 6 months will be a good time to be a fan of oldschool action.  In fact, we may not have had a lineup like this since the early 90’s.  I’m serious. Starting with this.  A sequel to US:R, which I found surprisingly good for its budget.  Though it did feel and look bush-league.  It was directed by John Hyams, son of Peter Hyams (Narrow Margin, TimeCop, Sudden Death) and its clear the pedigree has followed through from father to son.  E.g. in the opening chase of US:R the camera was so steady and cool, no shaking.  This movie is getting good reviews from early Berlin screenings.  It has apparently lost its bush-league feel and is shot in the USA.  No word yet on whether it’ll get a theatrical release.  But it does have Jean Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren.  I’m hopeful for this one.
January:  Bullet to the Head

First things first, despite no-one having seen this film, its already rated 4.9 on the IMDb.  What did I say about bias?  That rating, in fact, showed up before the trailer even hit.  More proof that this genre/sub-genre is exempt from criticism.  This movie was directed by Walter Hill.  Now incase you don’t realise the importance of this man being director, he has directed The Warrors, Southern Comfort, 48 Hours, Extreme Prejudice, Another 48 Hours, Tresspass and Undisputed.  He’s also worked on Alien, Aliens and Prometheus.  There’s some confusion over whether this will be released in January or November, but its coming soon.
 This will be Stallone’s first non-Expendable (Kinda ironic) role since Rambo IV (2008).  So its kind of a big deal for him, it’ll be a test to see whether or not he can still hold his own at the box office.  I’ve been following this film since day 1 and to be honest its had a bumpy ride.  First, Thomas Jane was fired – bad.  Bad because Jane is badass.  Then there were ugly rumors that this thing would be PG-13.  They also cast that wooden guy from the Fast/Furious series.  The good news is the PG-13 rumors were bullshit, clear from that trailer.  Which by the way is not the best trailer I’ve ever seen.  But I’m highly optimistic for this.

Janurary:  The Last Stand

This will be Schwarzenegger’s first solo movie in 10 years.  But its been even longer since he’s made a GOOD movie, Eraser was probably the last one, 16 fucking years ago.  Everything after that, including Terminator 3, were all disappointments.  Does EX2 really count?  Anyway, I’d call this a good trailer. It looks like a movie from 20+ years ago.  In a way, I want this to be a success more than Bullet, Stallone can afford an (Unlikely) fuck up, I’m not sure Arnold can with this.  Even then I’m just happy to be getting either. I hope Johnny Knoxville’s presence is kept to a minimum.
February: A Good Day to Die Hard

This looks to be the dud of the pack.  They fucked up the last Die Hard.  It was too soft. Willis looked tired and bored, that wasn’t he wiseass McLane we know.  It was also too stupid, the premise was too OTT.  Unfortunately, this looks like the same shit again.  The director is actually quite talented, contrary to criticism, but he’s also a studio-friendly director.  He’ll do what they ask.  Anyway, McLane in Russia?  WTF.  McLane’s son?  Are they trying to set us up with a new McLane for future profit?  I’ll be surprised if this film is any good and shocked if its a good DIE HARD film.  For now, we should safely assume it’ll be PG again.  And we can safely assume that it’ll be shit. Though the amount of blood appearing above might force a bit of hope.

The Expendables III

Not the movie, but pre production and hype.  But anyone who followed the first two knows that a big part of the fun is the hype and rumor train that leads up to it.  I won’t forget Van Damme being confirmed for II, thats for sure.  Already  the hot rumor for III is Jackie Chan, who recently voiced regret that commitments kept him out of II.  Its not an idle rumor, Chan can be found on Youtube talking it up a week or two ago.  Then there’s Nicolas Cage, another person allegedly in the same boat.  Cage missed II for the same reasons. and we know Stallone wanted him.  He’s also a friend of West, director of II.  Wesley Snipes was originally supposed to play Hale Caesar in the first, legal troubles put an end to that.  Both parties made a second attempt for Part II, but his troubles again got in the way.  Snipes should be out by July 2013.  Stallone and Lerner wanted Snipes bad for I+II.  Other big names will most definitely be confirmed or hinted at within 6 months, big names will be contacted within that time so that they can book a late summer shoot like last year.