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Head Teacher Fired After Showing Chuck Norris Movie

Here’s a story about a teacher who was fired for showing a Chuck Norris movie at school;

“A HEAD teacher has quit after allegedly screening a violent Chuck Norris kung-fu video during assembly.

Parents say Simon Norton, 49, played a clip to terrified kids as young as SEVEN.

The spoof film showed the martial arts actor spraying bullets and landing karate chops.”

When I was this age and at school, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme and even Norris were the stars and violence was the solution.  M-60’s and helicopter kicks were the tools.  Everyone knew the lines to RoboCop, The Terminator and Rambo.  The latest VHS from these men were always big deals.  I remember when Predator 2 arrived, the first person who seen it and claimed the end had 6 Predators was initially accused of being a liar.  Turned out to be true though; a much sought after VHS among schoolbags.  Seems kids nowadays are being raised like fags.  Harry Potter and other pussy nonsense like anime is what they’re raised on.  The older kids are especially into that anime garbage, which seems to sexualise kids in itself.  The edgiest these kids have seen is Heath Ledger as The Joker.

Personally I preferred Jack Nicholson.