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Expendables 3 hype under way: No Seagal or Cage

Gotta talk first about Fat Steve.  Two weeks ago there were rumours of him being cast.  Today he told Nextmovie that he was asked, but turned them down;

“There are lots of folks, including the people who own it, that have asked me to do it. I just, at this point, am not real interested in that, to be honest with you.  I didn’t really see the story, but if they had a story that was a great story I would probably be interested.”

I doubt this has anything to do with story, especially given that the story probably doesn’t even exist yet, but also considering that, you know, Seagals entire catalogue involves shit stories.  A man with his ego would say yes no matter what.  It’s probably something to do with the fact that Seagal and producer Avi Lerner despise each other.  Seagal has a reputation for being a prick, to the point where I’m a huge fan because each new story of his cunt-isms is more shockingly laughable than the last.  Whether it’s hiring two 24 hour Russian prostitutes or claiming to have fought in Vietnam.  Lerner didn’t find it so funny though, when Seagal did one of his famous no-shows on the set on Mercenary For Justice, which just so happens to have had an awful story that didn’t stop Seagal signing on.  He filed a lawsuit against Seagal and things got ugly from there.  I wouldn’t rule out the fatman not appearing just yet though, money talks afterall.

Then there’s Nicolas Cage.  A dubious Spanish interview this week had him ‘confirmed’ by Stallone himself, then carried by Stallone’s Facebook page.  Except Stallone doesn’t have a Facebook page and the interview was entirely bogus.  Stallone’s people also confirmed that he does not even have a Facebook page, then Stallone himself told Deadline that he ‘has no knowledge’ of Nicolas Cage being involved in EX3.  Cage’s agent confirmed this, but added that Cage is still ‘interested’.

So while there is no Seagal or no Cage, I wouldn’t rule either out.  Especially Cage.  Stallone did try to get Cage for EX2 but outside commitments blocked the deal.  With Cage’s relationship with Simon West and the need to be in a big hit again, it’s more than likely.  Sly is probably playing it cool.  Seagal also denied he’d be in ‘Machete’, look how that turned out.  I’m not overly hot on either coming aboard.  Look, I find Seagal entertaining in a car-crash type of way, but I don’t wanna see his fat ass taking up a seat for someone who is more deserving, like Mel Gibson or Wesley Snipes.  Late summer, Jackie Chan said he wants to be in EX3 too and that he missed 2 purely because of scheduling..  That’s another likelihood, Stallone and Chan go way back.

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