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Harrison Ford is in EX3? ‘And not one fuck was given that day’

Rumor has it that Harrison Ford is in The Expendables 3.  A Bulgarian site has it that Ford will be in the movie.  “The winner of “Oscars” Nicolas Cage and trophy nominee Harrison Ford arrives in our mid-year for the filming of “Invincible” 3, said bTV. In Sofia will regain the other stars of the series – Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and director, says television.”  

When I was growing up, the kids who weren’t allowed to watch Total Recall, RoboCop and Predator watched movies like Indiana Jones.  Of course, the cool kids (us) watched that too.  But only when the cool shit wasn’t on, like Rambo.  And that’s why Harrison Ford must not be in this movie.  It’s not that he’s too old, I mean, the door should be open for Clint Eastwood, who is even older.  Rather… he just doesn’t fit.  It would be like inviting Michael J. Fox or something.  Also, I couldn’t help but notice repeated and insistent rumblings about this movie being filmed in Bulgaria.  If it is…

Harrison Ford in Expendables 3?  And not one fuck was given that day!