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Predator headed to 3D Blu Ray (C’mon Fox, do a theatrical run!)

Colour me fucking excited – Predator is coming to 3D Blu Ray!  I’m not one of those people who shit on 3D at any given opportunity.  After seeing Avatar, I adopted. I bought a top-end Sony 55″ 3D panel in 2011.  The fact is, when it’s done right, it’s fucking amazing.  No-one who has seen Avatar on a proper 1080p/3D  Active TV (not that passive crap) can dare dispute the gulf in quality between it and even the best 2D transfers, it’s even better than the cinema version because most 3D theatres put stress on the bulb by placing two layers of film over it, i.e. it looks washed out and dark.  Not at 100MB/S on Blu Ray though!  It’s how it’s meant to be.
Trouble is though, I own precisely three (Prometheus, Avatar and Sanctum) 3D Blu Ray movies.  That’s one movie a year.  And I haven’t gone to see a 3D movie since Avatar.  That’s because the 3D in most movies is either shit or the movie itself isn’t to my taste.  So hopefully, with this and Jurassic Park 3D, the format will pick up a little.  Emphasis on the word ‘hopefully’ though.  This will more likely be a shit transfer than a good one.  It can be done though.  Titanic 3D (Easy, I only rented to examine its technology) is proof that an old movie can reach Avatar-level 3D.  Although that was supervised by Cameron.  Anyway, for fucks sake, do this properly Fox.  I think it might just work, because I notice with the Bravia upscaling tech, some movies adapt surprisingly well.  Back to the Future and Predator were two that stood out.  Did this catch the eyes of Fox as well?  Some movies work, some don’t.
But one more thing.  I want to see this fucker in cinema!  I was two years old when it was released, and even though my parents let me watch Schwarzenegger movies with my older brothers since day zero, I think even two years old was too young for Predator.  I never seen it on the big screen.  And I wanna see it in 3D.  Come on Fox… don’t deny yourself some revenue…