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Seagal IS needed for Expendables 3

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:It’s been a shit start to the year for manly oldschool action.  The Last Stand underperformed, it was supposed to be Arnies big comeback.  On a budget of 30 million, only 37 million returned.  But if barely breaking even was a concern, worse was to follow two weeks later with Sly’s ‘Bullet to the Head’ – a 55 million budget with a 14 million return.  These are bad numbers.  They don’t exactly inspire confidence.  It probably doesn’t matter that their promotion was poorly handled, what matters is the bottom line where studio heads are concerned.  Already, word is that ‘Escape Plan’, the big Arnie/Sly team up, will have equally poor marketing.  In some circles, even the dreaded DTV acronym is being thrown around.

And so, a counter attack is imperative.  Bring up the heavy artillery – Expendables 3.  With the above concerns, it’s all hands on deck for the final Expendables now.  And that includes the ‘Stout Sensei’.  I was on the fence about having Seagal appear initially, the man is a joke these days, not to mention severely out of shape.  Say nothing of being a complete fucker.  However he is part of the ‘old guard’ and, more importantly, he draws a ton of DTV revenue.  Moreover, the fat one doesn’t seem to do ‘humor’, probably because the lines of fiction and reality are blurred in his egomaniacal head… but the point is, Expendables 2 was too light hearted.  We need to get more serious this time around too.

We need some breathing room and good PR for the likes of new movies such as ‘Ten’. The good old action genre has been dealt a serious body blow this year.  And while Bullet and Last Stand were poorly performing but decent movies, worse is probably to come with ‘Grudge Match’, a movie that I forecast will both perform badly and be genuinely shit.  Sly is due another dud.  So, we’ll take Seagal for EX3.  Assuming he’s a team player and knows his place.