Stallone wants a ‘Young Sigourney Weaver’? I don’t. – ManlyMovie

Stallone wants a ‘Young Sigourney Weaver’? I don’t.

Says Stallone on Twitter; “A young Sigorney Weaver anywhere out there?”.  Presumably, he’s talking about The Expendables 3.  My opinion?  Not.  Interested.  I really don’t want to see Stallone and his largely untested director try and ‘break the mould’ with an action heroine.  It won’t work.  I can picture it now: Tough independent chick at first doesn’t have the confidence of the Expendables, only to kick some ass while Statham and Stallone look on in surprised approval.  Count me out.  In fact, I opined some time back that this is what they’re gonna do in the ‘Female Expendables’, and that it’ll be shit in that too.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Weaver in the Alien series and her general (natural) confidence/demeanour in all of her movies.  But Lerner and Stallone can’t create this type of character.  How do we know this?  In two Expendbles movies, they haven’t even created a new male lead, let alone another Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor.  The Expendables is, lets face it, very good fan service.  Not a pioneering vehicle.

Make no mistake, The Expendables 3, out of all three movies, has most to prove.  It is fighting uphill more than the other two and is not a place to experiment.