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Expendables 3: Gibson Vs Seagal?

  • Those rumors about Steven Seagal joining The Expendables 3?  They’re back.  But more importantly, much more importantly, so are the rumors about Mel Gibson joining The Expendables 3.  Bulgarian news is again reporting that Mel will join the cast as the villain and that Seagal will side with The Expendables in taking him down.  None of this is confirmed, but the fact that the rumor/s are persistent especially as we move further into the summer is encouraging.  It’s hard to say for sure though, we know that Mel is producing ‘Eliza Graves’ (2014) and that that movie is being filmed in Bulgaria too.  Cool that the rumor is still alive all the same, for both guys.

  • White House Down (2013), the PG-13 Die Hard Clone looks like it has been a box office disaster.  On a budget of $150,000,000 it has only returned $40,000,000.  Now compare this to Olympus Has Fallen (2013), that movie, on a budget of $70,000,000 has had a return of $160,000,000.  This is despite it’s Rated-R nature.  In short, this is good news for Manly Movies and oldschool action for obvious reasons.

  • Remember Thomas Jane, star of ‘The Punisher’?  He’s going to appear alongside in John Cusack in a car chase actioner, ‘Hard Drive’.  The official premise sounds good;   “With a heist in mind, a mysterious American called Keller (John Cusack) arrives in Brisbane needing a getaway driver. Rather than recruit one from the local underworld, he tricks a driving school instructor, Roberts (Thomas Jane) into taking the wheel. Keller chose well, Roberts just happens to be a washed out Formula-One driver. Chased by the cops and the mob, Roberts is forced to use his racing skills to evade pursuit on a Hard Drive that takes the two along the Gold Coast of Australia.”  New stills have been released today…
  • Youtube user John Rambo AKA Barney Ross has submitted this fanmade Fast And Furious 7 trailer (2014) which is a nice reminder of how awesome it will be to see Statham appear.  Hopefully he’ll kick Vin Diesel’s ass in a Statham Vs Diesel showdown, eh?