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Expendables 3: First Action Sequence Detailed

Some more tangible Expendables 3 news today.  Bulgarian news site 24chasa reports that the movie will begin shooting on the 19th, which is tuesday after next and obviously quite close.  There’s too much detail being provided here and too many specifics to dismiss as idle rumor.  The first action sequence or at least the first action sequence being shot, will at a harbor, which will be closed down and rented for two days.  A casting call has been put out:  They want 40 black males, ‘weak looking’, to act as extras from the city itself (Varna).  The men are to play Somali policemen, they are seeking local Nigerian students.  It seems The Expendables are headed back to Africa.

The action sequence will involve jet skis, boats and helicopters, with a stunt where someone falls from a helicopter.  Stallone is the first actor in the area, he has this weekend landed in Sofia, Bulgaria, ahead of shooting.  As an aside and not mentioned in the article, Dolph Lundgren will not be available to shoot in August.  Looks like some haphazard shooting going on here.  The Expendables 3 also has new fight co-ordinators who are promising superior hand-to-hand combat scenes over The Expendables 2.

Thanks to ‘Frenchy’ for the tip.

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