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Expendables 3: Jovovitch Out, Gibson And Banderas In

Time for some Expendables 3 updates.  First, Milla Jovovitch is out, probably, and that can only be a good thing.  She is shooting a seperate movie at the same time Expendables 3 begins shooting.  Having said that, so is Dolph Lundgren.  He’s highly likely to be in the movie, but will be busy shooting a TV show this coming month.  Jovovitch is unsuitable and her Resident Evil movies are pure shit.  With Rousey signed up, Jovovitch was probably deemed too expensive, or asked for too much money.  Either that or she found out Stallone already has a wife.  Secondly, ComingSoon also reports that Antonio Banderas has joined the cast.  Banderas is an old Sly friend, this is likely true.  Finally, the best report all week.  Another confirmation that Mel ‘Ruler of the Universe’ Gibson is indeed in the movie.

Having said that, we’re still dealing with rumors mainly, it may seem like there’s a trainload of actors appearing but a lot of them will not appear.  File Jovovitch as unlikely, Banderas likely and Mel definitely.