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Expendables 3 Rumor Killer – No Bruce Willis Cameo

Expendables 3 fake rumor of the week: Bruce Willis is in Bulgaria, ready to film a secret cameo for The Expendables 3.  Bullshit, let’s nip this one in the bud right here.  Bruce ‘I’m too good for action’ Willis is not in Bulgaria and will not film a secret role or appear in any capacity.  In fact, Bruce Willis is in Los Angeles with his wife and kid, as seen and photographed here.  This rumor started on a forum (wouldn’t you know…) where a guy knew a guy (or a woman in this case) who had an inside tip that Willis was right there, sneaking around the set.  This always happens and is to be expected, same thing happened for Expendables 2, where on the IMDb a troll purported to have the script, his nonsense then spread like wildfire and was taken up by major websites.  What’s more surprising though is the line of people always hanging on their every word, the same people then spread the bullshit like it was fact.  This rumor is now making it to sites like MovieHole.

Bottom line is, if you have a guy like Willis on your cast, you don’t keep it a secret.  You promote it.