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Is Dolph Lundgren The Bad Guy In Expendables 3?

Today came the news that Ronda Rousey would be appearing as a tough chick in The Expendables 3, in at least 20 scenes (about 19 scenes too many, one strip scene would’ve done it).  Not good, Rousey is a nobody, and then some.  The franchise is supposed to be a ‘hall of fame’ for old school action men who have earned their stripes.  Who the fuck is Ronda Rousey?  Anyway, also came the news that The Expendables would be taking on ‘one of their own’.  Ponder that thought for a minute – yes, it’s probably Dolph Lundgren.  Especially if you consider Stallone’s recent Tweet that Lundgren’s role would be ‘BIGGER AND BADDER’.  Badder?  Is that a hint?  Remember, Lundgren played a similar role in EX1.  I also think it makes sense that Lundgren will kill one of his own team, a) to set the tone and b) to trim down the cast.  Lundgren has also been saying that he ‘hasn’t seen the script’, which is doubtful, considering even MMA pundits have it in their hands by now.

Having said that, I’d prefer the rumor of Gibson being the bad guy.  Mel Gibson>All.