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Kurt Russell Joins Fast 7

The cast for Fast And Furious 7 (2014) just got a little bigger.  In addition to the usual crew, Jason Statham and Tony Jaa, action veteran Kurt Russell has now signed on too, says  Now this is interesting, because when Sylvester Stallone asked Kurt Russell to be in The Expendables, Russell said no, that he doesn’t do ensembles.  I remember that episode quite clearly, the update came through to Sly’s fans straight from himself (he’s good with us like that), to his official forum.  This is what he said at the time: “I know that many people on the site have asked for Kurt Russell. I asked for him too. Actually, I was taken aback when asked to put the request in a letter and send it to his agent. Subsequently, I was called back by the agent several days later after refusing to send a letter and he said Kurt Russell is not interested in ‘ensemble acting’ at this time. So, people, I came, I saw, I failed”.  I’m sure Fast 7 will be better than the recent movies, but I prefer the cast and progress of The Expendables 3.

Fast 7 begins shooting in September.

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