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Seagal Talks Under Siege 3

Steven Seagal has been spending a lot of time in Russia recently.  It could be that he’s there on official CIA business.  It could be that he’s looking for more of those 24 hour a day Russian prostitutes that he’s been known to employ.  Actually, the official reason is to help Putin with a ‘ National Healthy Lifestyle Programme’.  More analysis on the hilarity of that notion here.  Joking aside, though, Seagal used to be one of the old gang.  A good action man of the 80’s/90’s.  Under Siege was his franchise and while we got two good movies, the third wasn’t to be.

Or was it?

The Stout Sensei has been jibbber jabbering with Russian media.  And an interview was conducted recently with the Moscow 24 news agency.  The interviewer and Seagal discussed Under Siege 3, or at least the possibility of it.  Thanks to ‘Denis’ for the translation…

M24: Can we start with the sequel for Under Siege?

Seagal: We are looking for some people who would be interested.  If we succeed we will make the film.

M24: Where would it be set?  On a ship…?  On a plane perhaps?

Seagal: Well, I don’t want to give too much away.  But it’ll probably be in a building.  It’ll be based on a true story,
something that happened not long ago and was concealed from the public.

M24:  Are you planning to direct it yourself?

Seagal:  It’s hard to say right now, because we don’t have funds yet.

It’s pointless to even speculate which incident, if any, Seagal is referring to here.  The man claims to be a former CIA Operative, former Navy Seal and Vietnam Veteran, among other things.  In fact, Steven Seagal, and this isn’t a joke, once declared that Under Siege 3 would see Ryback fighting spacelings.  In 2008, he told MTV: ” I wouldn’t mind if it was about something more mystical or… maybe extraterrestrial in nature. Some real government top secrets instead of just the typical.”  So the coverup idea is still there, but surely the E.T. plot isn’t?  Assuming the plan is more down to earth, if Seagal appears in Expendables 3, he might just raise his status enough to get funding.  It’s a longshot, it isn’t even confirmed he’ll be in EX3, but the possibility of an Under Siege 3 just went up a little.

 In the meantime, ever wondered what it would look like if Seagal started dancing wildly on the streets of Chechyna? Well wonder no more!