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Dolph On Expendables 3: Definitely The Best Yet

Updated:  Dolph has uploaded a video discussing whether or not he’d direct an Expendables movie, plus the difference between directing bigger and smaller action movies, see video added below.


Dolph ‘Siberian Express’ Lundgren has given an Expendables 3 update via his official website.  Well, not so much an update as a little bit of hype.  He says this: “Just finished five weeks of grueling work on EXPENDABLES 3.  Guns, knives, boats, planes, tanks, jeeps, explosions, choppers, fights, shootouts, you name it – major mayhem!  This one will definitely be the best so far.  Take Gunnar’s word for it.  Back on the set next week for another go – – stay tuned, Soldiers!”

Next week, eh?  That sounds like when Mel ‘The Real Deal’ Gibson (yes, I like making up superior nicknames for a superior man) arrives: early October.  So keep checking back with us, it’s gonna be a fucking Manly week.

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