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Fast And Furious 7: Video And Picture From Set

Shooting is firmly under way for Fast And Furious 7 (2014), which promises to be superior to the somewhat bloated recent entries by Justin Lin, now that this movie has a new director who has hinted at bringing it back to earth with chases like those from the French Connection and Duel.  Not to mention it has Chev Chelios as the fucking villain (Fuck you Chelios!), so Fast 7 will continue to get coverage here at ManlyMovie.  Looks like a wish was somewhat granted, when I ranted about rebooting this series from it’s shark jumping ways.  Oh, and the still just released confrms Lucas Black’s return.  For those still seemingly confused by the timeline (seems there are quite a few), with Kang and Black appearing at odd intervals, Tokyo Drift is technically speaking the real part 7.  Sort of.  Tokyo Drift takes places concurrently with the latter half of Fast 6, then becomes part 7.  Check out the message from Toretto below!