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Jerry Bruckheimer Back To Produce Beverly Hills Cop IV

Things have gotten a little more serious for the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.  The producer of the first two movies, Jerry Bruckheimer, will return for Beverly Hills Cop IV according to  This is good news and signals that Paramount is getting ready to push the boat out a little harder.  Bruckheimer (Bad Boys, Top Gun, The Rock…) was not involved in neither the ghastly Beverly Hills Cop III nor  the ill-fated TV pilot.  Along with Bruckheimer and Eddie Murphy, expect Judge Reinhold to return as well.  Hopefully, this will be the catalyst for the long awaited Eddie Murphy comeback.
Turns out that not only do they not want the TV show/series one, they don’t even want the pilot:  “The pilot episode for Eddie Murphy’s TV show Beverly Hills Cop has been rejected by US TV Network CBS”.  Pwned.  This is good news, because the worst thing that could’ve happened would’ve been that nobody/chump replacing Axel Foley.  This, hopefully, will force them to go back to the drawing board.  Hopefully a movie.  Even a Brett Ratner sequel would be better than this shit.  Eddie Murphy’s career, at least in terms of quality, has been in the shitter since 1998.  Metro was his last good movie.  He needs a ‘Rambo (2008)’.