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More Extras Wanted For Fast & Furious 7

A second casting call has been put out for Fast 7.  This time they’re looking for female military veterans who can report to Ellenwood, GA for most of next week.  

Here’s the casting call:

“Looking for females with A LOT of military experience to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week (Sept 30-3rd). You MUST be available to work all days. You should be available for a fitting Weds/Thurs of this week. Please submit your military background, three pictures, your height, weight, age, and phone number to [email protected].”

Like I mentioned in the last casting call (now closed, obviously), a personal suggestion from ManlyMovie, as this writer has long been a fan of the franchise (but vocally disappointed by Lin’s later direction), if you are going to show up to try as an extra, and you happen to have an exceptional ride (take note: exceptional, not some wreck with rims), take it along with you.  These producers are known to purchase special vehicles during ‘Fast’ productions, usually at an inordinate price, then make multiple copies.  Happened before, including the last movie.