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Another Ten Part WW2 TV Series Coming, Site Update

Fans of Band of Brothers (2001) and The Pacific (2010) might want to take notice, another ten part WW2 series is coming.  The series, called Telemark, will not be handled by the Band of Brothers team, but by director Danny Boyle (28 Days Later).  Based on actual events, it’ll follow efforts by the Norwegian Resistance to disrupt German plans to build an atomic bomb at a heavy water plant at Telemark, Norway.  Older Manly Movie aficionados might remember this subject being tackled before in the WW2 movie ‘The Heroes Of Telemark’ (1965), if so you’ll know the jist of it.  I like the sound of ‘ten part’, because a static and set number of episodes usually means bigger budget, which Boyle has confirmed, but also usually means more creative integrity.  It means they’ll have one cast and story and stick to it, and not have to worry about season 2, season 3 and so forth.  Remember how ‘Lost’ turned to shit because of that?  This series will be produced by FX, also responsible for superior Cold War 80s spy series, The Americans (review of season 1 here – it’s great).  So, it would be nice to see some more Band of Brothers style TV.

Incidentally, Michael Bay is making a movie about this very subject.  Or at least acting as producer.  Again, it’ll be about efforts to curb the German nuke program in Norway.  Tentative title is ‘Sabotage’.  I don’t expect much from this, Bay’s so-called return to a grittier form and more substance based turn in Pain & Gain (review), turned out to be a pile of juvenile shit filled with dildo jokes and blow up dolls.  The Bay con is over.

Lastly, I am upgrading this site this week (and gradually over time in all respects) by updating the sub sections.  This was the intention since last month’s launch/makeover, but a technical snag delayed it that I happened to finally get around to fixing, not to mention being busy getting the site ‘settled’ on the ‘net (registered on search engines and whatnot).  Sections such as News and Reviews now look as they were intended, instead of their previous form that looked like something from the 1990s.  Genre sections are also being added, for example Vigilante and Gangster, definitely Manly themes and as such obligatory, yes?  Still things to do such as update the header/menu bar accordingly, bare in mind the site isn’t even two months old, but we’re definitely aiming higher.